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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  July 23, 2011 11:00pm-11:30pm PDT

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>> norway is riffing after a gunman massacred teenagers at a camp. we will look at what might have been his twisted motive. [ man ] i got this new citi thankyou card
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president obama debt ceiling meeting with congressional leaders ended saturday after less than an hour. house speaker boehner walked away from talks. the president is confident he can avoid a national default. we look at the next step for our nation's debt. >>reporter: congressional leaders were called back for a saturday morning meeting, the latest attempt to make progress. >> neither party is blameless in both parties have a responsibility to do something about it.
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every day them is that figuring out how to spread -- stretch their paychecks. how speaker boehner did attend the saturday meeting. he said that mr. obama moved the goalposts. >> there was some agreement on some additional revenues until yesterday when the president demanded $400 billion more, which was going be nothing more than an tax increase on the american people. >>reporter: the administration denies any goalposts moved and said that boehner was offered a plan that would have brought about 3.5-$4 trillion in cuts while raising the debt ceiling. the deadline, august 2, is now about 1.5 weeks away and the government warns it will not be able be all of it fiscal obligations. default could spell disaster for a still fragile american economy. nothing like sightseeing san francisco from an open
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airbus. a crackdown on those that try to still tourist bus tickets from the street in lake tahoe is looking great with lots of sunshine and temperatures in the 70s and 80s. i will let you know what it is going be here
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♪ ♪ . it is about 2:15 in the morning in new york and hundreds of gay and lesbian couples are making it official. you are looking at video of celebrations last month after gay made -- marriages were made legal and new york set up a lottery to allocate slots for couples who want to obtain marriage licenses and be merry at the new york city clerk's office of. several coupled with the not wait so long and tied the knot when the clock struck 12:00. it will set a one-day record for the city. in union square in san francisco street sales of tour bus tickets have been clamped
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down on. we visited the crowded bus stop for the story. >>reporter: the tour bus employees working the crowds at union square have proliferated. three weeks ago, before we started the crackdown, they had 5-6-7 people out here, each company. >>reporter: until recently, the the code that prohibited sidewalk sales was loosely and forrest -- selling tickets for their toys. >> is that there is no solicitation >>reporter: a have a savvy, streetwise sales for. >> i will make sure you get on it. >> when i leave they fight
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among themselves. it is like walking by a used car lot. everyone wants to make a deal >>reporter: with ticket sales now being dumb and passengers onboard -- met clogging traffic. >> his mother is coming around the corner now. >> this space is not big enough to accommodate every bus that comes in here. >> as the number of buses increase, police are increasingly concerned about public safety. >> it is only a matter of time when someone will get hit. >> tour buses are a significant contribution to the a billion- dollar tourist industry and those with streetsmart sale town will find a way. >> as long as you have agreed
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-- have greed. that beautiful golden gate bridge, always something wonderful. we have a little bit of sun peeking through and a little bit of fog pushing for the north tower. earlier this evening, san francisco. it is going all the way inland, not that big of a deal. is what happens in summertime. we could have some drizzle. we are going to have another cloudy and cool day. look for mostly cloudy skies, some breaks and sunshine merge into the afternoon and winds coming off the ocean about 15- 25 miles per hour. here is the tracker tonight.
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it is putting the filed offshore. it will push into the bank for the overnight hours going into the east they valley towards concorde, livermore, san jose getting the fog, as well. the fog is already in santa rosa. we have a great start and then begins to clear. by 10:00 most of the fog will be out of here until about 12:00 and then back out to the ocean. we might see a couple of breaks but will stay pretty cloudy. images will run a little bit below average because of the fog and seabreeze that will whip up in the afternoon as strong as 25 miles per hour. instead of 80s and 90's we will see low '80s, low-mid- 80s, look for morning clouds and then a high of 71 degrees.
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a big change from today to tomorrow. 64 in san francisco. for the north bank, gray skies early on and then sunshine for the afternoon, 85 degrees, here is a seven day. temperatures continue to slip for monday and tuesday. they will be brisk in the afternoon and then warm up. we will see more sunshine and less fog. the permanent -- mid- 70s. in world news, more on the deadly attacks in norway that left more than 90 people dead. some people are still missing and police believe that the man is responsible. michael jones takes a closer look at the investigation in --
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investigation >>reporter: it is a good time for our state parks. there pending is being cut and some are under the threat of being closed down. get taken video with your phone or video camera, you could help raise money for our estate park. that is coming up verizon claims its 4g lte is twice as fast as at&t.
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just $70 per month, voice plus broadband. it's the at&t network. helping you do what you do... even better. in our state at the financial problems have led to tiny cuts for parks and the threat that some will be closed. if you like recording video with your phone or video camera, you can raise money for the parks and entry video contest where you could win some pretty nice process -- prizes. >>reporter: they are trying to help our parks and give the opportunity to with some pretty cool prizes. they will donate $20 each time
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to american state parks including -- including california. they have video editing software and helps you edit your videos to make them fancier adding titles, special effects and upload your completed videos to youtube, facebook or anywhere on the web and makes it easy to burn a dvd. it is like that of movie editing software that it is for computers, not apple computers. they have a website promoting this. if you click on their banner you can buy it for $94. they also want to raise awareness about our state parks and the threat they are under. they are running a contest. anyone can create a video showcasing our state park and upload it. video submissions will be
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accepted until september 1. 19 winners will be announced. a sony playstation three, laptop or -- for more information, log on and look for my tax page. back to the deadly attacks in norway that left more than 90 people dead. please delete that the same man is responsible. michael jones gives us a closer look at the investigation. >>reporter: with a 90 people are dead after a bombing in the norwegian capital of oslo and a shooting at youth wing. this then is the prime suspect behind the attacks. he is 32 -year-old anders breivik and an image of him is emerging clean from social services -- right-wing christian fundamentalist who might have an issue with their multicultural society. police will not confirm that he is a suspect they have in custody but do say they are cooperating with police and faces charges related to terrorism.
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the prime minister did not rule out the possibility there with more than one person involved. >> i have full confidence in the police. right now it is to wait on the results and draw a conclusion. it would be very wrong to jump to conclusions. we have to wait for the results of the investigation >>reporter: a second person who was carrying a knife was arrested where the prime minister was set to meet with family members. >> we have a little bit of time to talk about tomorrow. >> it is similar to what we have today, summertime. temperatures will be in the 50s to start things early on. 70s in oakland and san jose close to 80 degrees and mid- 80s inland. the fog will give way to
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sunshine. again, the seabreeze is about 15-20 miles per hour. >> typical san francisco weather. >> all right. >> that is it for us. good night, everyone.
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